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Elaine Fashions is an upscale, high quality, online fashion store featuring women and mens fashions from over 50 manufacturers. We offer designer dresses and women and men suits as well as elegant hats, jewelry, pashmina shawls in a wide variety of colors, and matching bags to complete your look.

We carry Lisa Rene church suits, Chancelle ladies church suits, Donna Vinci women's church suits, Fifth Sunday first lady suits, GMI church clothes, Nubiano suits for church, Charm church hats and hats for church, Champagne sunday church suits, R & M Richards church dresses & dresses for church, Moshita church fashions, DVC church womens suits, Elite Champagne designer church suits, Devine church attire, Todd & Olivia Knit womens suits for church, Devine Denim church wear, Aussie Austine suits for church, Danillo dresses for church, Giovanna church suits and dresses, Tally Taylor church dresses & suits, Devine Casual outfits for church, Ben Marc church suites, Ben Marc Church & Choir Usher Suits, Stacey Adams dresses for church, Eastern Stars White Suits, Cogic White Church Suits, Moshita church suits, Franccessca Bellini church clothes, Night Studio church suits for women, Olivianne ladies suit for church, Odeliah Denim ladys church suits, Tango church designer suits and Lynda church suits and hats. We not only carry church clothes and church outfits for women, we also carry church clothing for mens and boys. Including church suits lines like - Milano mens church suits, Milano Modo men's church outfits, Vinci mens church apparel & Vittorio St Angelo mens church wear.

Our goal is to provide a great shopping experience that will earn your trust and guarantee that you will return to our store often and recommend us to your family and friends. Please like us on facebook, comment and share.